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Workshop on Promoting Compliance with Offenders on Community Supervision

Posted: 12 June, 2015

A workshop on offender compliance on community supervision will be held at Rathdown House, DIT Grangegorman on Wednesday 17 June from 2pm to 4.30pm. Registration and tea/coffee from 1.30pm.

This workshop explores the question ‘What Works in Promoting Compliance with Offenders on Community Supervision’ with keynote speeches from Dr. Pamela Ugwudike and Prof. Peter Raynor co-editors of ‘What Works in Offender Compliance? International perspectives and evidence-based practice’ (Palgrave Macmillan, 2013).

The event will provide a platform to debate and discuss the barriers and challenges to compliance, as well as effective strategies for promoting offender compliance in the community. The workshop will be of interest to academics, researchers, policy-makers, non-governmental organisations, as well as managers and practitioners in the areas of probation, addiction, intellectual disability, mental health, penal reform, prisons, psychology, social care and social work.

Admission is free. Registration is required as places are limited.

Please click on the link below to register:

This workshop is funded by the Irish Research Council under the New Foundations Scheme and the School of Languages, Law and Social Sciences, Dublin Institute of Technology.

For further queries, please contact