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New Educational Community Garden at DIT Grangegorman

Posted: 3 July, 2015

Professor Brian Norton, President of DIT, planting a birch sapling at the new Educational Community Garden

As part of the DIT Green Campus Initiative, green-fingered students and staff germinated seeds for planting at the new Educational Community Garden at our new campus.

The germination boxes were made by students and staff using materials recycled from the campus construction site, while the seeds will be planted by students from the local primary schools.

The Garden was designed by students from the Teagasc horticultural programme at the National Botanic Gardens.

Increasing tree density on the new campus has also been an integral part of the DIT plan for a carbon neutral campus by the end of 2015 and the Grangegorman Nursery Project was launched to this end. 

The Nursery already contains over 40 trees at various stages of development - with over 2,000 new trees in total planned for the campus.  Students have germinated native species such as oak, ash, birch, holly, rowan and hazel, alongside chestnut, beech, plane and hornbeam.

We, along with future generations of DIT students and staff, look forward to enjoying the fruits of their labours.