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Calling Swifts home to Grangegorman

Posted: 6 July, 2015

As part of the Green Campus initiative, Dublin Institute of Technology has launched the first Swift Boxes on the Grangegorman Campus.

The sight of swifts flying high over Dublin city used to be a common sight, but their numbers have declined as new construction methods  do not provide suitable nesting sites

Four Swift boxes have been put up under the eaves of Glassmanogue in the centre of An Croí, the main courtyard on the Grangegorman campus.  Each of the four boxes are separated into three different compartments, providing room for at least twelve nesting Swifts.

Swifts normally migrate to Ireland for the summer months and will travel back to Central and Southern Africa for the Irish winter months.  To attract the birds to their new homes in Grangegorman, Swift Calls will be broadcast during the month of July.  Mini cameras have been installed in two of the Swift Boxes so that when the boxes are occupied it will be possible to watch the resident swifts via  a live feed.

The Swift Box project was initiated by DIT Green Campus in partnership with Campus Life, Estates, Information Services and the Green Campus Committee.

The project is part of a campaign for Dublin Institute of Technology to gain Green Flag status from An Taisce, and is one of several  interesting environmental projects under the auspices of the Green Campus Committee.

If you would like to get involved in environmental activities or have ideas for projects, please contact the Green Campus at   or phone the Green Campus Team on 01 402 4171.