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Stop bike theft with better locks

Posted: 19 October, 2015

Cyclists should start using better locks according to a Bike Theft Working Group that has been set up through Dublin City Council. A Dublin Cycling Campaign survey from Dec 2014, showed that a majority of bikes stolen in Dublin were locked using cable locks or cheap chain and padlocks that offer limited security.

The Bike Theft Group recommends that cyclists use U-locks with the `Sold Secure` accreditation as their main lock, with cable or chain and padlocks only to be used as a secondary lock. `Sold Secure` is an independent rating system for locks.

The Bike Theft Group has this advice for cyclists:

  • Use U-locks with the `Sold Secure` accreditation, `Silver` or Gold` standard.
  • Lock your bike at home – bikes get stolen from gardens and sheds.
  • Record your serial number and take a selfie/photo of you with bike.
  • Don`t buy a bike you think might be stolen – ask for a receipt.
  • Always report a stolen bike & give serial number and photo to Gardai.
  • You can report theft up to value of Eur 500 at