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Western Wind: DIT celebrates 125 years of music education

Posted: 23 October, 2015

One hundred and twenty five years after its first classes took place, the DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama launched ?Western Wind? ? a new CD celebrating its history and showcasing the range of talent among its students and staff today.

The launch took place in St. Laurence’s in Grangegorman, with music provided by the Irish Traditional Ensemble.  Dr. Cliona Doris, Head of the Conservatory, said “Western Wind” is a fitting way to mark 125 years of music education in Dublin: "This recording is an opportunity to wind through the Conservatory’s corridors and eavesdrop on the intricate soundscape of one of Ireland’s most treasured performing arts institutions."

Conservatory student Shane Kenrick plays the clarinet at the City Assembly Hall – the site of the first music classes 125 years ago in October 1890.

The CD was produced by Laoise O’Brien, graduate and lecturer, with sound engineer Ben Rawlins, and graphic designer Jill O’Callaghan. Describing the concept for Western Wind Laoise said:

“Ireland is a country on the western fringes of Europe. Over the centuries we have been shaped and influenced by many diverse forces: Celts, Vikings, Normans, English, Scots, Spanish, Huguenots and more recently, by other nationalities and cultures. The Conservatory comprises many of these elements; the music and drama we collectively perform comes from many parts of the world, spanning a millennium of creativity. We are shaped, not only by these influences, but also by the people who perform and teach at our Conservatory. Our students and staff come from all parts of the island of Ireland with many coming originally from other lands and our performances are increasingly varied as we move with the fashions of our time. Western Wind aims to bring these elements together to demonstrate the wide-ranging talents on display at the Conservatory.

Left image: Sound engineer Ben Rawlins and lecturer Laoise O’Brien who produced “Western Wind”.

To purchase the CD for €10 please email

To find out more about the DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama, please watch the video below.