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DIT lecturers present at TechnoTeachers Conference

Posted: 27 October, 2015

DIT lecturers Alan O'Donnell, Dublin School of Architecture, and Thomas Raven, Dublin School of Creative Arts, attended the recent TechnoTeachers Conference to promote the range of timber, technical, design and construction programmes offered in DIT.

Some examples of student work from these programmes were displayed at the DIT stand, both physically and virtually.


                                                      Ben Walsh - 'Concrete'


            ‌                                       Cormac Lynch - Parametric mdf chair



                                              ‌Stuart Hayes - Incognito table small



                                           ‌Gildas O Laoire - Path of least resistance‌‌


The reaction from the members of the TechnoTeachers Association (, who teach Wood Technology, Technical Graphics, Construction Studies and Design & Communication Graphics was very positive.

This was the first time the two Schools promoted the full range of programmes jointly.  Lecturer Jennifer Byr‌ne, Assistant Head of School, DSA, Joseph Little and Head of Apprenticeship and Engagement Mark Deegan also attended.