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DIT graduates meet up at Irish Consulate reception in New York

Posted: 28 October, 2015

Against the backdrop of a breath-taking view of Manhattan DIT Alumni & Friends came together recently at a reception hosted on behalf of DIT by the Irish Consul General Barbara Jones.

The graduates present at the event represented a wide range of disciplines in DIT including journalism, science, hospitality, engineering, marketing, music and quantity surveying.  Professor Brian Norton, President of DIT, paid tribute to them for their hard work in making a positive impact across many sectors in the USA for many decades.


Professor Norton thanked the Consul General and her team for their generous hospitality in hosting the event.  He said he was delighted to have the opportunity to engage with the alumni community and to update them about major developments at DIT – in particular, the Grangegorman campus and the Technological University for Dublin project.  Consul General Barbara Jones stressed her role in supporting the development of the Irish community in New York and encouraged everyone to keep in touch with the Consulate and with each other.


If you are a DIT graduate based in New York or elsewhere and you would like to hear about developments at DIT please Update Your Details here to join the graduate network & send to a college friend!


We hope to be back in 2016 meeting even more of our alumni!

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