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MBA students meet President Higgins in San Francisco

Posted: 9 November, 2015

DIT MBA students recently visited Silicon Valley on an international Study Visit. Whilst there, two students, Dr. √Čimear O?Connor and Emer Costello, had the opportunity to meet with President Michael D. Higgins during his visit to San Francisco.

Pictured with President Michael D. Higgins (left) Emer Costello and (right) Dr. √Čimear O?Connor

The MBA Silicon Valley Immersion Programme focuses on Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Silicon Valley.  The aim of the programme is to equip MBA students with the knowledge to innovate, create lean start-ups and learn to scale in the global economy.  Topics taught on the programme include current thinking on Entrepreneurship, Psychology and Culture of Entrepreneurship, Open Innovation, Lean Start-up, Cross Cultural Communication and Building Effective Partnerships.  The students are exposed to an ethos of risk taking, growing for scale and collaboration.

                                   DIT MBA students on a Study Visit to Silicon Valley

Students visited companies and accelerator incubators where they had an opportunity to mix with entrepreneurs and put questions to the CEOs.  The company visits included TechShop, Galvanize, Berkeley CITRIS Invention Lab, Google and Salesforce.

The MBA students were also given workshops on presentation and pitching to venture capitalists.   The presentation workshop looked at skills that entrepreneurs use to convince investors to invest and customers to buy.  In the Investor Pitch Workshop the MBA students learnt the ’do’s and don’ts’ of pitching in Silicon Valley.  The week culminated in the MBA groups presenting lean start up ideas that they had been working on to a panel of investors.