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DIT celebrates National Science Week with a host of events on offer

Posted: 11 November, 2015

A wide range of engaging science events are taking place in DIT this week to celebrate National Science Week (8 -15 November 2015)

The line-up of events includes “The Physics of Martial Arts” – an interactive presentation on the physics behind martial arts, “The Science of Dragons”, “The Genetics Revolution and “Vampires and Chemistry”.  The events are primarily aimed at second level students and at least 2,500 young people are anticipated to visit DIT over the course of the week.

For more details of these events and others taking place see Science Week at DIT Programme 2015

DIT’s heavy involvement in National Science Week underpins the college’s commitment to excellence in the STEM area. “Our mission in DIT for Science Week is to give second-level students visiting the College of Health and  Sciences an interesting, positive, engaging experience. The core message of this experience is that science is both interesting and good fun, says Dr. Siobhan Daly of DIT.

It’s hoped that by students participating in National Science Week, they become more engaged with science subjects and also have a positive experience with science at DIT.  In addition this year DIT will host its inaugural Science Undergraduate Research Conference.