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DIT student wins Intel Women in Technology scholarship

Posted: 25 November, 2015

DIT First Year Engineering student Anna McEvoy was one of just seventeen young women from around Ireland to receive an Intel ?Women in Technology? scholarship for 2015.

Anna McEvoy with (left) Leonard Hobbs, Director, Global Public Affairs at Intel Ireland and (right) Professor Gerry Farrell, Director and Dean of the College of Engineering and Built Environment

The Scholarships were presented at a special event in Dublin’s Morrison Hotel last week by by Ann Kelleher, Intel Corporate Vice President and General Manager of Fab/Sort Manufacturing, Fab 24 Factory Manager Ann-Marie Holmes and Quark Engineering Manger Noel Murphy.  Anna was accompanied at the Scholarship Awards presentation in the Morrison Hotel by her parents Jerome and Ann McEvoy, by Professor Gerald Farrell, Director and Dean of the College of Engineering and Built Environment, and by her sister Helen who is currently in the third year of her Product Design degree in DIT.  ‌

Before coming to DIT, as a student in Our Lady’s College in Greenhills Drogheda also won a number of other significant awards - she was a Category Award Winner at the 2014 Young Scientist Exhibition, and in May 2015 she won two awards at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in the Plant Sciences Category.  Now in her first year of Engineering studies, she is recognised by Intel as part of “a new generation of high-achieving women to take up the challenge of a career in science and technology.”

Helen McEvoy is also preparing for an exciting career in technology.  She is currently working with a team of 3rd year students  on the development of a novel asthma drug delivery device which will be entered in the DIT Bolton Trust Enterprise Competition and the Enterprise Ireland Student Enterprise Awards.  Next semester she will be travelling to Hong Kong as part of the very successful exchange programme between DIT and Honk Kong Polytechnic University.  She said: “I’m very excited at the prospect of developing my Product Design education when studying in Hong Kong next semester.  I’m also extremely proud of Anna’s scholarship, maybe we can work together developing products in the future!”

Anna McEvoy with her sister Helen and parents Jerome and Ann McEvoy, Professor Gerry Farrell, DIT, and Leonard Hobbs, Intel

Each of the 17 new Intel Women in Technology scholars is studying a Science, Engineering or Technology course in either Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin, Dublin City University, University College Cork, University of Limerick, Maynooth University or Dublin Institute of Technology.  Intel works closely with schools and a number of universities and institutes of technology to share details of the Women in Technology initiative to encourage applications from women embarking on third level education.  This year scholarships were awarded by numerous business groups across Intel in Leixlip including fab operations, silicon design, manufacturing development and research.

Seventeen Intel Women in Technology Scholars at the presentation of awards

To read more about the Scholarships and the list of winners, see