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Through the eyes of Brazilian students - DIT Grangegorman

Posted: 25 November, 2015

DIT is delighted to welcome our Brazilian students on the Science Without Borders programme who are studying in a range of programmes and disciplines across DIT this year.

As part of their familiarisation with their new campus in Grangegorman, some students of Visual Communications took an image making module with lecturer Tom Kelly.  

One student, Christiano Pinto, is studying Design Visual Communications (2nd year).  He provided the following account of his initial impressions and the image he made:

“In this project, we were asked to reflect about our own view of the Grangegorman campus and its surroundings. I started studying at DIT this year, thus, in this little time that I am living and studying here, I heard about some scary (and not so old) stories that occurred in Grangegorman. These stories made me feel suspicious in the beginning, but the days were passing by, I had explored more the place, staying here some days and even nights and I realized that the "scary" could be beauty too. This is the contrast that I tried to show in my composition: the day and night, the dark and the light, the old and the new, and me, facing the place. After this project I realized that I really enjoy to study here and I hope that soon more DIT students will enjoy Grangegorman too. Our campus is green, huge, historic and we study in awesome "rock buildings", which blends the old with the new in its architecture. Grangegorman is very different from the other DIT campus, and of course, it is good being different."

Christiano Benicio Pinto

This contact sheet gives some idea of the range of images that emerged.