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2015 ASC Student Competition winners

Posted: 25 November, 2015

Congratulations to Liverpool John Moores University who are the winners of the 2015 ASC International Student Competition!

The two-day 2015 ASC International Student Competition was hosted in DIT Bolton Street last week, with  competitors from DIT, CIT, Oklahoma University, Auburn University, CalPoly State University, Birmingham City University, and Liverpool John Moores University. 

               2015 ASC Student competition winners – Liverpool John Moores University

                               Industry panel make their final adjudication

           Joint Birmingham City and Auburn University team make their pitch

     DIT team wins 3rd place with Erik Crowley, Neil Ward, Davis Ciprikis, and David Coughlan


Working in teams of four, the Construction Management students were given six hours to work on a brief as though they were the construction company on a real-life construction project currently underway at Dublin Airport.  Each team then presented their response to the challenge to a panel of industry adjudicators. 

On the second day of the competition three teams – DIT, Birmingham City University/Auburn University and Liverpool John Moores University - were recalled by the judges and underwent intensive questioning on their proposals.  Finally, the decision was announced and the team from Liverpool John Moores University - Joe Simpson, Andrew Grain, James Peacock and Uzo Akwari - was pronounced the winner!  The team from Birmingham City and Auburn Universities – Jack Linehan, Josh Prescott, Jim Johnson and Jake Struthers – won 2nd place, and the home team from DIT with Neil Ward, Davis Ciprikis, Erik Crowley and David Coughlan won 3rd place.

Head of the DIT School of Surveying and Construction Management Tom Dunne congratulated the winners and all of the participants and paid tribute to lecturer Sonya Meekel for organising the event.  He also thanked contractors Sisk, Walls Construction, ABM Europe and Mott MacDonald for their generous support of the competition and for their role as adjudicators.

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