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DIT hosts ASC International Student Competition

Posted: 19 November, 2015

The ASC International Student Competition got underway this morning in DIT Bolton Street, with teams from Ireland, Britain and the USA participating.


Tom Dunne, Head of School of Surveying and Construction Management in DIT; Professor Gerry Farrell, Director and Dean of College of Engineering and Built Environment; and lecturer Sonya Meekel,  welcome competitors and sponsors to ASC International Student Competition

Supported by contractors Sisks, Walls Construction, ABM Europe and Mott MacDonald, the competition is in its second year. 

Students were given their challenge at this morning’s session.  Working in teams of four, they will take on the role of contractor on a real-life construction project currently underway at Dublin Airport.  They will spend six intensive hours producing their solutions to the challenge before making a 15 minute presentation to the industry panel.‌



Industry sponsors from Sisks, Walls Construction, ABM Europe and Mott McDonald with colleagues from DIT


Teamwork underway



Competitors listen to welcome speeches before competition commences


The winners will be announced on Friday 20th November.

For more details on the competition and the challenge click here.