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DIT Drama Society to present 'Exit The King' and 'Posh'

Posted: 1 December, 2015

DIT Drama Society takes to the stage with their first two productions, 'Exit The King', a drama about a king seemingly doomed to die, showing this December 1st & 2nd, and 'Posh', which tells the tale of a secret society of upper class students, on December 3rd & 4th.

The casts of both plays are entirely made up of DIT students studying diverse subjects such as Science with Nanotechnology and Baking with Pastry Arts. Over the last five weeks, these casts have been hard at work rehearsing their lines and bringing their characters to life.

'Exit the King' is by French absurdist Eugene Lonesco, which is directed by fourth year contemporary music student Fintan Lawlor and produced by past Drama Society president Joanne Whelan.  The play centres around a kingdom in decline, where the sun is late, the heaters are broken, the cows don't produce milk and the finest court fashions are bin bags. This play is entirely absurd, and is seriously fun to watch!

The Society's second production is 'Posh', directed by DIT Alumni Simon Hunt and co-directed by professional Actor and Producer Clide Delaney.  Posh tells the story of a Riot Club Dinner, an exclusive Oxford undergraduate dining society for landed gentry, known for it’s debauched hedonism, garrulous, alcohol-soaked badinage, vulgar, unashamedly ostentatious displays of wealth and canny networking for the future.

Both plays are on in the Blackbox theatre in DIT Aungier street.Tickets are €5, and it's a brilliant chance to see your fellow students doing what they do best.

Tickets can be purchased on the door or at:

Exit The King