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Climate Justice and COP 21

Posted: 2 December, 2015

World leaders are currently in Paris to take part in the 21st Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

The aim of the Paris climate conference is to agree a global framework to limit carbon emissions and prevent a potentially catastrophic increase in global warming. Next Tuesday December 8th in Room 2025 DIT Aungier Street from 1pm – 2pm there will be an information/discussion event on COP 21 and climate change to which all are welcome. This event will include guest speakers and a short video on the issues and will provide an opportunity for discussion on future activities and actions in DIT related to climate change/justice.

Guest speakers:

Ciaran Cuffe chairs the MSc Programme in Urban Regeneration and Development in the Dublin Institute of Technology’s School of Transport Engineering, Environment and Planning. He chairs Dublin City Council’s Transport Strategic Policy Committee. He has served as Minister of State with responsibility for climate change, planning and sustainable transport and travel. He was head of delegation for Ireland at COP16 in Cancun, Mexico.

Anja Murray is an Irish ecologist who works in the area of environmental/nature conservation policy and advocacy in the NGO sector at national and EU level. Anja also works in broadcasting as a researcher and presenter on RTE’s Eco-Eye.

Gary Tyrrell has an academic background in environmental engineering and was recently awarded a Masters in Environmental Policy from University College Dublin. Gary has trained as a Climate Change Leader with the Climate Reality Leadership Corps established by former US President Al Gore.

Further information contact the organisers: Tom O’Connor (School of Media) or Karen Smith (School of Languages, Law and Social Sciences)