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Crowds attend DIT Open Days 2015

Posted: 7 December, 2015

Thank you to all the thousands of visitors to the DIT Open Days which took place in our Aungier Street campus on Friday 04 and Saturday 05 December. We would particularly like to thank all those who braved the bad weather on Saturday to come and see us!

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Each year all of our Schools come together in Aungier Street so that prospective students can come to one location to find out more about the programmes they are considering for their CAO application in 2016.  Staff and current students were on hand at each of the stands, providing first-hand information about more than 80 programmes offered in DIT.  Talks on specific disciplines took place throughout the day and these were repeated so that visitors who were interested in a range of topics could attend more than one.  There were also information sessions on applying to DIT through the HEAR and DARE schemes, and all of the DIT support services were on hand to answer queries.  This year colleagues from SUSI also had a stand in Aungier Street so that students could clarify issues around grant applications.

If you have any questions that you didn’t get a chance to ask or if you need more information, please contact our Admissions team by email at or by phone at 01 402 3445, or contact any of our Schools directly.  

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