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You can still give to DIT SVP Giving Tree and Food Appeal

Posted: 10 December, 2015

Calling all DIT students and staff! The deadline for DIT SVP Giving Tree and Food Appeal has been extended to Wednesday, December 16th .

Place the gift(s) unwrapped (for health and safety reasons) under the designated SVP Giving Tree/Box in each campus. OR drop it into your local DIT Societies Office, DITSU Office or Chaplaincy Office.

Chairperson of DIT SVP Society Enda Henehan explains: The DIT Societies’ XMAS Appeal is pleased to support the annual SVP Giving Tree Drive and Food Appeal 2015. I am the new chairperson of the re established DIT SVP Society and I am heading up this year's campaign and looking for your support. This year we are focusing on the SVP Giving Tree and Food Appeal to help as many individuals and families as we can”.

Here are two ways for you to help this really important initiative:

DIT Societies Xmas Appeal – Giving Tree Appeal

·  Select a Tag from the SVP Society stand in your campus building or download a Tag (see below).  There are 9 types of tags - Boys or Girls aged 0-3 years, 4-7 years, 8-12 years, teens, and adults.

·  You and your colleagues or classmates buy gifts or gift vouchers suitable for that person.  The minimum gift voucher value is €10 - for some good gift ideas and more information see here

·  Place the gift(s) unwrapped (for health and safety reasons) under the designated SVP Giving Tree/Box in each campus. OR drop it into your local DITSU or Chaplaincy Office.

The SVP Giving tree appeal closes on Thursday 10th (December), so that will be the last chance to drop in presents. All students and members of staff are welcome to contribute and to help out a great cause.

DIT Societies Xmas Appeal – FOOD Appeal

Last year thousands of families across communities in Ireland celebrated Christmas because of help from people like you. Unfortunately, this Christmas even more families will need help to put food on the table.

You can help this Christmas. Please support the SVP Food Appeal. 

The idea is simple… 

·  We provide you with a shopping list of non-perishable festive food items here.

·  You buy the items on the list, ensuring that expiry dates are non-perishable and have an expiry date well into 2016.

·  Drop the food to under the designated SVP Giving Tree/Boxes in each campus OR drop it into your local DITSU or Chaplain Office.

·  All food will be distributed out to the people who need it most in communities across Ireland, through our network of local Conferences and volunteers.

·  More info here.

 Get involved with the DIT SVP Society and make a difference.

DIT Class/Group/Offices Competition  

This year Classes/Groups/ Offices are challenged to raise as much together and buy a Gift for the Giving tree. There will also be a prize for the winning group!