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DIT CAO Open Day - Kevin Street and Bolton Street

Posted: 6 April, 2016

Each year, approximately 9000 CAO applicants include a preference for STEM subjects in DIT. This Saturday, 9th April, DIT will host a special Open Day for students interested in programmes in Sciences and Health, Engineering and Built Environment.

From 9 am till noon, the Kevin Street and Bolton Street campuses will welcome hundreds of CAO applicants, who are considering studying STEM subjects and want to meet academic staff and to see the campus facilities.  Some students attending will already have expressed a preference on their CAO application while others are still considering the best choice to match their interests and their strengths.

Students interested in the following subject areas, please come to our Kevin Street campus:

- Biology, Chemistry, Computing, Environmental Health, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Food Science, Mathematics, Optometry, Physics


If you are interested in programmes in the areas below, please come to our Bolton Street campus:

- Architecture, Civil Engineering, Mechanical & Design Engineering, Multidisciplinary Technologies, Surveying and Construction Management, Spatial Planning and Transport Engineering.

Staff will be happy to answer any of your questions about the programmes and about campus life in DIT.  If you would like to visit the other campus, they will also show you the quickest way to get there.  Parents, teachers and guidance counsellors are very welcome too.