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PJ Cullen to share his expertise with the Food Safety Authority

Posted: 13 July, 2016

Dr. PJ Cullen, a DIT academic and an internationally renowned food safety expert has been asked to share his expertise with the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) by serving as a member of its Scientific Committee.

The FSAI is legally obliged to base its opinions on scientific grounds and to develop food standards on the basis of the best, most up-to-date scientific advice available. To aid the FSAI in risk assessment, which underpins risk management decisions, the current Scientific Committee was set up in 2016 in accordance with Article 34 of the Food Safety Authority of Ireland Act, 1998.

The Committee is made up of scientists, from a variety of disciplines, working in a voluntary capacity. The Committee has a major influence on policy decisions of the FSAI, including advice on the implementation and administration of food inspection services and on the nutritional value of food. It also provides clarity on scientific and technical issues relating to food safety and hygiene.

Dr. PJ Cullen is a principal investigator at the School of Food Science and Environmental Health, in Dublin Institute of Technology. His expertise includes the development of novel technologies for food safety and monitoring. He has considerable experience in research management having led 6 EU projects along with numerous national awards including the SFI Investigator award. He has co-authored 120 journal articles and edited 6 books.