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DIT emerging artists selected for RDS Visual Art Awards exhibition

Posted: 19 September, 2016

The inaugural RDS Visual Art Awards Exhibition takes place this October and will show the very best and most exciting work coming out of Ireland?s art colleges in 2016.

‌Three DIT emerging artists are among the thirteen selected to for an exhibition curated by renowned artist Alice Maher. The three young artists are:

  • Siobhan O’Connor:

Siobhan’s sculptural work explores the possibilities of ‘architectonic construction and the urban landscapes’. “Through drawing and sculpture I create structures in the hard and fixed forms of concrete, metal and wood. I constantly seek to explore and push the material properties in these forms.  My work thinks how one structure holds up another - one thing layered upon another; tension and suspension, weight and balance. I am interested in making work that presents the possibility of building from simple lines, basic colours and simplified shapes. Drawing is central to the process, not only as a device to express ideas but also to solve engineering problems.”

  • Laura Skehan:

Laura’s work is sculptural and digital media based, with performance regularly being involved in the process. “I am interested in movement as a visual language. In my sculpture work, I choose materials that have to set, that change state over a duration of time. I consider this change as a way of examining the body’s relationship to the physical landscape. Factors like the intuitive and the intentional are concerns for me. The setting period allows me to engage physically with these materials, using gesture that is recognizable, within the natural world but also through an experience of our own bodies.”  Laura has also been selected as the winner of the Lismore Castle Arts ‘Origins’ award for a national Fine Art Graduate, and she will have a solo exhibition in St. Carthage Hall, Lismore Castle from 22 October to 04 December 2016.


  • Justyna Kielbowicz:

Justyna has graduated from the DIT degree programme in photography.  Her final year project documents research undertaken by Dr. Nadia Kelbova in the areas of electromagnetic, gravitational and light waves using her ‘Psychotronic Weapon Deflector to protect humanity”.  Justyna explains “Since the Cold War, devices have been developed to affect the human nervous system and ultimately to manipulate thought and thinking.  Little is known about these mind-control weapons and even less is known about the scientists who worked tirelessly to counter these insidious technologies.  A mixture of scientific experimentation and performance, interwoven with humour, form the key elements of this project.  The aim of the work is to investigate the intoxicating authority of the photograph itself and draw attention to the dangers of credulity.”


If you would like to see the work of all thirteen shortlisted emerging artists, this unique exhibition is free to attend at the RDS Concert Hall from Wednesday October 26 to Monday 31, 10.30am – 6.00pm daily, with late opening Thursday October 27 until 8.00pm.


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