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DIT speakers in National Digital Week event

Posted: 11 November, 2016

DIT speakers are participating in the National Digital Week event taking place in West Cork this weekend.

The discussion theme is ‘Digital Art and Education’.  DIT Dean of the College of Arts and Tourism, John O’Connor will give a talk on his work with the DIT Visual Arts programme delivered on Sherkin Island, and will also speak about his ‘Second Life Classroom’.  Other DIT speakers include Dr. Noel Fitzpatrick, Head of Research in the College of Arts and Tourism, and Dr. Glenn Loughran, lecturer in the Dublin School of Creative Arts.

The event is a collaboration with Uilllinn: West Cork Arts Centre, LUDGATE and the Dublin School of Creative Arts.  It takes place in conjunction with the exhibition “What if we got it  wrong?” – an exhibition, currently running in the West Cork Arts Centre, of work by Irish or Irish-based artists engaged in climate change.