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Event: College of Business Research Showcase

Posted: 18 April, 2016

Date: 6.00pm-7.30pm, Wednesday April 27 Venue: Courtyard, DIT Aungier Street Campus, Dublin 2

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Competitiveness // Leadership // Innovation // Digital Economy - essential for business growth, jobs growth, future success – are the major research themes around which DIT College of Business is investing €2.5 million in the current year. This represents a step change in research capability and a new scale of investment on the part of any Irish business school.

Achievements to date and dramatic plans for further investment in business and management research will be showcased at an event in DIT Aungier street, 6-7.30pm, Wednesday 27th of April.

An audience of business leaders, policy-makers, academics and researchers will have an opportunity to celebrate significant achievement and investment in research.  Head of Research in the College of Business, Paul O’Reilly, said “We will be announcing 24 College and DIT PhD Scholarships and we will be launching the Graduate Business School Research ‘HUB’, specialising in knowledge creation in leadership strategy and innovation.  We will also award College of Business Faculty Fellowships and funded Post-Doctoral fellowships, as well as recognising the recent appointment of Adjunct Professor of Research, Vincent Mangematin.

The exhibition of research projects and achievements will open at 6pm.  Short 4 minute presentations will start at 6.30pm followed by networking and reception. The event will close at 7.30pm sharp.

Why come to the DIT College of Business Research Showcase?

  • This is a great opportunity to learn about new research developments - many in partnership with corporates - and evaluate the potential of research to impact on your business.
  • Participate in our celebration of DIT College of Business research and become part of our growing research community.
  • Meet DIT College of Business faculty and researchers and become involved in research initiatives.




Attendance is free but we will be grateful if you can assist us with our event planning by registering for the event here.

For further information please contact