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CIPD event at DIT College of Business

Posted: 18 April, 2016

Dr. Gerard McMahon, DIT lecturer and author on HR Management, was the keynote speaker at a recent CIPD Members Evening in DIT College of Business, Aungier Street.

Pictured at the CIPD Members’ evening, Paul O’Sullivan, Director and Dean of DIT College of Business; Mary Connaughton, CEO CIPD, with Dr. Gerry McMahon, Dr. Teresa Hurley and Dr. Mary Prendergast, DIT School of Management

“Performance management has returned to the fore of the ‘what’s best practice’ debate in this key area of HRM, putting H.R. practitioners firmly in the spotlight, as they grapple to respond to their work colleagues’ queries, criticisms and needs in respect of the subject. Yet ‘best practice’ continues to support the case for performance management, serving as the linchpin for performance improvement, objective setting, personal development, pay and staff communication practices, together with the management of underperformance\ discipline. So what has gone wrong?”

Drawing upon ‘best practice’, as established from extensive research and recent trends, during his talk Dr. McMahon addressed three key questions in respect of contemporary Performance Management practice:

  •    Why Do It?
  •    Why Does It Fail?
  •    How Does It Succeed?


The event also served to launch a revised and updated edition of Dr. McMahon’s book entitled: PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT: EFFECTIVE STRATEGY, BEST PRACTICE AND KEY SKILLS, Liffey Press (, Dublin, 2016.

Dr. McMahon lectures in Human Resource Management at the School of Management, DIT.  He has extensive experience in the area of HRM and industrial relations.  He has also served as the lead presenter on a number of practitioner-oriented programmes run by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and SKILLNETS.