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DIT Drama Festival 25th to 28th of April

Posted: 20 April, 2016

DIT Drama Society is delighted to present the annual DIT Drama Festival in the Smock Alley Theatre from April 25th to 28th

The first play, Punk Rock runs from the 25th to the 26th April.   Directed by DIT Drama Alumni Iain Herbert and produced by Donall Courtney,

Punk Rock is an edgy and acute play that introduces us to seven high-achieving teenagers at a fee-paying grammar school. They are holed up in the Upper School library, tucked away from supervision, revising — or not, as the case may be — for their mock A-Levels.  It is a recognisable stew of rivalries, desires and confusions, each character’s uncertainties carefully drawn. But as exam pressure builds, anxiety flares up into aggression, revealing a raw undercurrent of panic and hostility. 

The 2nd play on offer is Stags and Hens which is on the 27th and 28th April.  Directed by DIT Alumni Brian Whitney, Stags and Hens is a raucous, coarse, and very funny play that tells the story of Linda and Dave who have decided to have their respective hen and stag parties in the same tacky Liverpool club – or more accurately, in its toilets. With the girls applying make-up, doing their hair and crying in cubicles, and the boys puking into the lavatory and drawing on the walls, the whole of Stags and Hens takes place in the Ladies and Gents.  Both parties are out on the pull, after a night (or even just a few minutes) of passion – with the exception of the groom, who is throwing up after the curry, and the bride, who is having second thoughts.

Tickets are on sale on the Smock Alley website: