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School of Biological Sciences wins two Irish Laboratory Awards 2016.

Posted: 27 May, 2016

The School of Biological Sciences was presented with two prestigious awards at the Irish Laboratory Awards on May 25th 2016 at the Ballsbridge Hotel.

Irene Regan (right), President, Academy of Clinical Science and Laboratory Medicine (ACSLM) presents the Academic or Research Laboratory of the Year award to (L-R) Alison Malkin, Lecturer in Cytology, Dr Jan Guerin, Assistant Head of School and Associate Professor Mary Hunt, Head of School of Biological Sciences, Dublin Institute of Technology.

Hundreds of leading lab industry professionals recognised and celebrated the outstanding achievements of the lab sector at the Irish Laboratory Awards. The School of Biological Sciences won the award for Education Laboratory of the Year and also scooped the overall Academic or Research Laboratory of the Year Award, having achieved the highest marks from the judges.

The team present from the School of Biological Sciences at the event to accept the award were Associate Professor Mary Hunt, Head of School, Dr Jan Guerin, Assistant Head of School and Alison Malkin, Lecturer in Cytology. Dr Helen Lambkin, Lecturer in Cellular Pathology, while not in attendance at the event, was a key contriobutor to the School’s submission.

The School was honoured with these prestigious awards for their submission on their unique Cellular Pathology and Microscopy education facility with a state-of-the-art microscopy facilities incorporating a 15-headed teaching microscope as core. This facility underpins specialist undergraduate and postgraduate education while also facilitating professional education for Medical Scientists and Industry partners. This core suite, along with a cell culture suite, allow the School to provide key skills training and real work experience in cell and tissue preparation, processing and analysis for research and diagnostic Pathology services. In essence it provides education from tissue to diagnosis.




 From tissue to diagnosis utilising the Cellular Pathology and Microscopy Suite

The School of Biological Sciences has been educating graduates in professions such as Biomedical Science, Human Nutrition and Dietetics and Biological Sciences since the 1940’s. The School has 40 staff, including academic, technical and administrative and collectively educate almost 500 students annually in professional education at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Biological Sciences is a gateway to many exciting careers and our graduates are highly-skilled, career-focussed professionals sought after by employers in hospitals, research organisations, and pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.