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DIT Student Laura Skehan claims the prestigious Lismore ORIGINS award for 2016

Posted: 14 July, 2016

Congratulations to DIT student Laura Skehan who has just been announced winner of the prestigious Lismore ORIGINS award for 2016.

Each year ORIGINS exhibits selected work from the fine art degree shows around the country in an exhibition held in St. Carthage Hall in Lismore.  The exhibition is a way of presenting emerging new artists in a collective context, alongside Lismore Castle Arts respected programme of important international artists.  Every year the curatorial team from  Lismore Castle Arts visit the degree shows across the country to choose one artist whose work they feel merits a solo exhibition at St Carthage Hall.  This year Lismore Castle Arts selected Laura Skehan, a DIT student as the winner.  According to Lismore Castle "Laura was selected on the basis of individual merit, her practice displaying a strong confidence and professionalism".

Laura Skehan is a visual artist who works primarily in video installation and sculpture practice. A final year student in DIT School of Creative Arts, she also studied at École europeenne superieure d'art de Bretagne, (EESAB), Lorient in 2014.  Laura Skehan’s practice often explores the body’s dynamic and diverse relationship with the physical landscape, with an attention to forgotten activity in overlooked spaces. Exploring movement as a code to comprehend this delicate relation, she plays with abstract narrative, working primarily in video, sculpture and installation. Investigations into the processes involved in sculpture-making allow for this improvised movement, physically engaging with material for the duration of solidification and contrasting to the prolonged processes that occur within her chosen spaces.

You can see Laura's work on display in ORIGINS


Preview: 4-6pm Friday 22 October

Lismore Castle Arts: St Carthage Hall

For further information please contact Paul McAree

Last year a DIT student also claimed the award -  Leonard Traynor, 2015 Fine Art graduate from DIT, won Lismore ORIGINS award for 2015.