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IDI Irish Design Award for DIT St. Patrick's pageant

Posted: 22 November, 2016

The DIT pageant in the 2016 St. Patrick's Festival Parade has won the IDI Irish Design Award in the Design Education category.

Barry Sheehan, was presented with the IDI Irish Design Award by Graham Thew of Graham Thew Design

The colourful and vibrant pageant designed by Barry Sheehan, Assistant Head, School of Creative Arts, involved a large team of over one hundred students and staff, including many international students.  Responding to the festival theme, “The Future is the Present is the Past”,  the pageant made a fantastic impact as it weaved its way through Dublin streets on Patrick’s Day.

Describing the concept for the design, Sheehan said “The pageant piece had three sections: Past, Present, Future; Beginning, Middle, End; Birds, Fish, Rockets. The unifying element was water, with 80 human droplets flowing through the city from the Black Church to Saint Patrick’s Cathedral.   A river was created that would cover the street and create elements that could be seen by small children, by people at the back of a crowd, from buildings above and on television. At the edges there were crowd interactions with soft fish, birds and rockets swooping over the crowd and small samples of the fish, birds and rockets handed out to children.”

Now in the 18th year, the annual IDI Irish Design Awards recognise outstanding work across a broad range of design disciplines, with core categories including Digital Design, Fashion & Textiles, Product Design, Structures & Spaces, TV & Film, Visual Communication and the Intrinsic Design Awards. A record-breaking 400 entries were judged to an international standard by a panel of industry leaders, including Úna Burke, award-winning leather accessories designer, and Harry Parr, co-founder of culinary design studio, Bompas & Parr.