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'Walking Through the Rising' - Bolton Street to the Four Courts

Posted: 24 November, 2016

'Walking through the Rising: From Bolton Street Tech to the Four Courts and Back', compiled by DIT colleagues Tom Murphy, Sean O'Hogain, Tom Power and Les Smith, will be launched on 07 December in DIT Aungier Street.

The publication, with an introduction by poet Theo Dorgan, describes the military action of the 1st Battalion of the Irish Volunteers in North Inner City Dublin in 1916.

In his introduction, Dorgan describes the publication as “a vivid and welcome example of what has come to be called micro-history, focusing with great precision and exactness on particular component elements of a larger story.  Each location here is meticulously depicted, each identifiable participant in the struggle named and recalled, each shift in tactic and stratagem minutely recorded.”

Dorgan welcomes the telling of the story as having the immersive power of a song or a poem.  The story traces activity during the 1916 Rising around parts of the north inner city – starting at the Bolton Street Technical School (now DIT) and the adjacent area including Henrietta Street, Broadstone Station, Grangegorman, North King Street, Father Matthew Hall, the Four Courts, Beresford Street and Linenhall.

“Here, finally, is a small but important set of Dublin stories, a city quarter writing itself into history on its own terms, from its own resources, into the clear light of day.”

The publication is dedicated to singer and former DIT lecturer Frank Harte.

For information about the publication or to attend the launch, please contact or