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Early CAO fee just ?25 till January 20th

Posted: 6 January, 2017

CAO applications for 2017 opened on 03 November and already thousands of applications have been registered, with ?early birds? availing of the discounted application fee of just ?25 up until Friday 20th January.


The normal fee of €40 then applies for applications up to 1st February at 5:15 pm.

According to Frank Costello, Head of Enrolment Planning & Admissions at DIT, making an initial application now is also a stress-free way to register for the CAO.  “I would agree with those Guidance Counsellors around the country who encourage their students to apply early for a CAO place.  The initial application is stress-free - there is no obligation to have made your final course choice at this stage.  You will be registered in the system and over the next six months you will have time to give consideration to all your options.”

01 February is a final deadline for some programmes as Costello points out: “For programmes that require applicants to submit a portfolio, attend an audition or interview, it’s important to remember that they must select  that programme by 01 February.   For example, any students looking at programmes in DIT in music, drama, fine art, visual communications, interior and furniture design or photography need to be aware that 01 February as the cut-off date for applications.”

Students over the age of 23 who are considering an application through the CAO should also apply early, according to Costello: “While mature applicants can apply at any time up to the final deadline, we would always advise them to get their initial application in by 01 February also.   Mature students are usually quite clear about their programme preferences and, by applying as early as possible, they will have the best chance of securing a place on their first choice.”

Inevitably, for students sitting the Leaving Certificate exam in June, the question of what points will be required for their programme of choice will be on their minds.  However, Costello recommends not focusing on points as the ultimate goal.  “High points reflect the popularity and demand for a particular programme and for some students that figure becomes their main goal.  However, as we all know, there are various routes to any destination!  We would always encourage students to think about what they really want to study, what they would really find fulfilling, and what they can gain from their college experience.  If they have a strong sense of that, they will get there even if the route to achieving it becomes a varied one!  For that reason, it’s very important to use all your CAO choices – at Level 6/7 as well as Level 8.”

Best of luck to all CAO applicants - we look forward to welcoming many of you who came to our Open Day to DIT in September!