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From Paris to Mary Street - DIT students visit Primark HQ

Posted: 15 May, 2017

Students from the Postgraduate Diploma in Fashion Buying & Management at DIT paid a visit to the headquarters of Primark in Dublin to present their discoveries from their recent trip to Première Vision Paris.

Penneys Fashion Buying - 1

Première Vision Paris is the world’s premier fabric show, showcasing the season’s fashion directions up to 18 months in advance. This hub of inspiration and trend laboratory offers students access to exclusive conferences and workshops, exhibitions and artistic installations.

The DIT students were assigned to present their findings from their visit to the Première Vision show to the design team at Primark HQ. They created mood boards, where they shared their ideas on the key trends for Spring/Summer 2018 with the use of fabrics, colours, inspirational illustrations and imagery. From a business perspective, students were assigned the Penney's customer as their target market. 

Penneys Fashion Buying - 2

Students from the DIT Postgraduate Diploma in Fashion Buying & Management at Primark HQ

A number of overarching key trends were noted by the students for Spring/ Summer 2018 where fashion lovers will see denim with distressed edges, a move to a relaxed fit from the ‘skinny jean’ craze and the oversize flare make a comeback. Tropical colours and prints was another key trend with more muted colours of pinks, greens and purples, a focus on embroidery detail and the parrot as king with accessories. Sheer clothing and a move to more daring design with bra-lets, mesh and sheer sleeves with a feminine edge were also highlighted. 

One lucky student, Meghan Goode was awarded with a paid placement for her key insight and in-depth knowledge of current fashion trends and influencers in the industry. Meghan brought relevancy to their target audience with key trends such as ‘anything but basic’ for denims and the ‘Transparent Age’ for the sheer vibe happening for Spring Summer 2018. Meghan will join the expert team at Primark HQ this summer and you can look forward to hearing about her experience over the coming months on the DIT College of Business Blog.

Primark’s headquarters, which houses 600 employees, was designed by Morey Smith and includes cafes, informal working areas, photographic and design studios, a reading room stocked with retail-focused reading material and a gym. Large light boxes and felt-covered walls were created for fashion buyers to pin new campaigns and textiles.

The DIT College of Business is now accepting applicants for 2018 Postgraduate Diploma in Fashion Buying & Management 

Penneys Fashion Buying - 3

Primark’s HQ located at Chapel House, Dublin 1

Penneys Fashion Buying - 4

Première Vision Paris- the World’s Premier Fabric Show