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DIT hosts all-island networking event for plasma research

Posted: 11 October, 2017

DIT will host the PlasmaAPPS Networking Workshop on Friday 27 October in DIT Grangegorman - an all-island event to enhance collaborative research and industry innovation in the area of non-thermal plasma.

PlasmaAPPS Networking Event

The event will cover non-thermal Plasma applications in the food, biomedical and environmental sectors. Non-thermal plasma science and technology is increasingly investigated for translation to a wide range of applications, including food safety and sustainability, surface decontamination, wound healing, and more recently, cancer treatment. The diversity of the mechanisms of action and the flexibility as a standalone technology or one that can integrate with other technologies, provide a rich resource for developing innovative solutions.

There will be a range of presentations from international speakers, along with talks from the active research centres in this field across the Island of Ireland.

International speakers include Professor Kevin Keener, Director of the BioCentury Research Farm at Iowa State University, USA; Professor Jan Van Impe, Head of BioTeC - Chemical & Biochemical Process Technology & Control at KU Leuven, Belgium; and Dr James Walsh from the Technological Plasma’s Centre at the University of Liverpool, UK. 

Speakers from Ireland include Professor Brendan Gilmore, Queen's University Belfast, Professor Paul Maguire, University of Ulster, Dr Brijesh Tiwari, Teagasc National Food Research Centre and Professor Aoife Gowen, UCD School of Biosystems Engineering. The DIT plasma research group will provide an overview of their activities in this area. 

Advice will be available from funding agencies including the national contact point for EU Horizon 2020, and with respect to partnership funding awards from Science Foundation Ireland (SFI-EPSRC and SFI-BBSRC), Enterprise Ireland and Intertrade Ireland.

This PlasmaAPPS knowledge exchange event is funded through the Irish Research Council (IRC) New Foundations Scheme promoting North/South collaborations. The PlasmaAPPS Network was initiated through IRC New Foundations Strand 3 funding awarded to Dr Paula Bourke, DIT in collaboration with Professor Bill Graham and Professor Brendan Gilmore at Queen's University Belfast, Professor Paul Maguire and Professor Davide Mariotti at the University of Ulster and Professor PJ Cullen. 

If you would like to register for this event, please do so by Friday 20th October 2017 to allow for planning. Register here


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