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DIT hosts inaugural Access to Apprenticeship graduation

Posted: 11 December, 2017

DIT is delighted to announce that the first Access to Apprenticeship graduation has taken place.

The pilot programme, which has been running in the College of Engineering and Built Environment since September, aims to address the current obstacles faced by young people from areas of socio-economic disadvantage in securing an apprenticeship. During its pilot phase, the programme will recruit 48 young people aged 16-24 from communities in Dublin’s inner-city. 

Access to Apprenticeship Graduates proudly display their certificates 

The 12-week course provides students with the opportunity to experience different types of apprenticeships, as well as taking career and personal development modules, and a dedicated work placement with support from a wide range of employers who accept apprentices. The Access to Apprenticeship pilot programme is supported through a partnership with J.P. Morgan and ESB. DIT would like to thank the employers who supported Phase 1 of the pilot programme and offered a work placement to the students. They are Shelbourne Engineering, Conville Construction, John Sisk & Sons, Linders Motors, CJK Engineering, Designer Group, Dublin City Council, Jones Engineering and FIT.

Graduates pictured with some of the employers that facilitated work placements

DIT is currently actively recruiting for Phase 2 of the programme which will recruit 16 new students to begin the programme January 2nd. For more information see here.

 Graduates with their work