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Minister Bruton visits DIT Grangegorman to announce new apprenticeships

Posted: 11 December, 2017

The Minister for Education and Skills, Richard Bruton, TD visited the DIT campus at Grangegorman on Friday 8 December to announce 26 new national apprenticeships for further development in areas ranging from animation to healthcare.

Apprenticeships Announcement - 8.12.2017

L-R: Minister Richard Bruton, TD; Dr Mary-Liz Trant, Executive Director, SOLAS; Professor Brian Norton, President, DIT

Speaking at the event, which was presented by SOLAS and the Department of Education and Skills, Minister Bruton said, “The programmes we are announcing today will provide excellent opportunities and choice for school leavers and other learners and allow employers shape the programmes that best suit their workforce needs. We will add a number of programmes in existing industry sectors such as construction, while also expanding into completely new areas such as healthcare.”

Colum Farrelly, a DIT and Aer Lingus Apprentice in Aircraft Maintenance and a World Skills medallion winner, spoke at the event about the benefits of going the apprenticeship route and the opportunities it has afforded him for the future.  

Two new apprenticeships were awarded to DIT academics.

Hugh McAtamney, Head of the DIT School of Media, in collaboration with Animation Skillnet and Screen Training Ireland, will develop an apprenticeship for a 3D/CGI artist for the animation and film industries.

Declan Allen, Assistant Head of the DIT School of Management, in collaboration with a strong industry-led consortium consisting of professional bodies, industry representative groups and logistics companies, will develop an apprenticeship programme in Logistics. The programme will develop the skills necessary for a Logistics Associate, who is responsible for coordinating the movement of goods in a company, including the planning and coordinating of all warehousing and transportation activities in the supply chain.

Speaking after the event, Professor Brian Norton, President of DIT, said, “We were delighted to welcome Minister Bruton to the Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) Grangegorman campus to make this very significant announcement about new apprenticeships. These apprenticeships, which are branching into new industry areas, will provide valuable opportunities for young people to further their education as an intrinsic part of their careers. We are delighted that colleagues at DIT, in collaboration with major industry partners, have been awarded development funding for two new apprenticeships.”

The 26 new apprenticeships are part of the government’s Action Plan for Education, which aims to double the number of new apprentices registered to 9,000 by 2020 and expand further into new areas.