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DIT Culinary Arts Students Roisin Gillen and Eimhear Lee Win €1,000 each in Manor Farm 30 Minute Challenge

Posted: 13 March, 2018

DIT Culinary Arts students, Roisin Gillen and Eimhear Lee, have been named winners of this year’s Manor Farm 30-minute cookery challenge. Roisin and Eimhear competed against a number of other finalists studying at School of Culinary Arts and Food Technology.

DIT Culinary Arts Students Roisin Gillen (Left) and Eimhear Lee (Right) - Photos by Julien Behal

Roisin winning dish was a honey-glazed miso chicken meatball sub with a rainbow slaw made with chicken mince, and Eimhear’s winning dish was chicken tikka and basmati rice, made with Omega 3 chicken breasts. 

All of the finalists attracted high praise from the judges, who included Vincent Carton, Dr Frank Cullen, Head of the DIT School of Culinary Arts and Food Technology and Brendan Nolan and Shay O’Connor of Manor Farm. Vincent Carton, Managing Director of Irish chicken producer Manor Farm, said: “This is the third year we have hosted this competition with DIT and this year we changed it up a little. We have had a lot of creative talent this year so choosing a winner was not easy. It’s great to see what the talent of the future has to offer, and DIT’s Culinary Arts Course have top-class students."

Winner Roisin Gillen said; “I’m thrilled to have won the competition. The money will go towards paying for my pastry course, so I’m absolutely delighted.”

Eimhear Lee said “I can’t believe I’ve won. I have no idea what I’ll spend the money on, but I’m delighted. I’ve been preparing the dish all week for my family.”

DIT Culinary Arts Students Eimhear Lee and Roisin Gillen  (Right) - Photos by Julien Behal