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DIT Design Lecturer Leon Butler joins board of Galway 2020

Posted: 8 January, 2018

The Dublin School of Creative Arts is delighted to congratulate Leon Butler, Design Lecturer in DIT, on his appointment to the board of Galway 2020. Leon will work with a multidisciplinary team to ensure the successful delivery of the European Capital of Culture for Galway in 2020.

Leon was appointed to the Galway 2020 board to represent the cultural community and on the basis of how his skill set will complement the range of experience and knowledge of fellow board members. Leon has worked as a visual narrative designer, filmmaker, and educator in the media industry for over ten years. He has received awards from the Type Directors Club in New York for his work on Generative Typography, was listed as one of the Future Makers in 2016 and in the Young Directors Awards 2017. He has completed residencies in SVA, New York, and at 72andSunny in Los Angeles, and was appointed as a Research Fellow at the NUI Galway for 2016-17 and in 2017 as Designer in Residence in Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles.

Commenting on Leon's appointment, Hannah Kiely, Chief Executive of Galway 2020 said, “I look forward to working with Leon to deliver a European Capital of Culture in Galway in 2020 that everyone from the county, city and region will be proud of. I believe that the skill set, energy and passion that the board members bring will ensure this will be the case.”

More information about Galway 2020 is available from their website