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DIT Conservatory presents Irish operetta 'The Sleeping Queen'

Posted: 17 January, 2018

DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama will present the Dublin stage premiere of 'The Sleeping Queen', featuring vocal and drama students from the Conservatory in an exciting collaborative performance at the National Concert Hall.

Conservatory - The Sleeping Queen

'The Sleeping Queen' provides a rare opportunity to experience a chamber opera by Irish composer, Michael William Balfe (1808-1870) in its first staging in Dublin. 

Balfe is considered the most significant operatic composer of the Victorian period and for more than fifty years his 'Bohemian Girl' maintained a central position in the popular English-language repertory; with its translation into many languages, it also gained widespread international success. Despite this and many other successful operas, Balfe’s music is now largely forgotten.

'The Sleeping Queen' is the only operetta among his twenty-eight staged works. With a cast of four characters and original scoring for piano accompaniment, it was first presented in 1864 at Thomas German Reed’s Gallery of Illustration in London, a unique venue specializing in plays and small-scale operatic productions.

A short pre-opera talk will be given by Una Hunt at 7.30pm. 

The Sleeping Queen

Monday 22 January, 7.30pm

John Field Room, National Concert Hall, Dublin 2

A vocal and drama collaboration from DIT Conservatory

Tickets:, 01 417 0000