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Live CAO Chat with DIT: 29 January, 4.30pm

Posted: 17 January, 2018

The CAO deadline is fast approaching! Worried about your choices and what they mean? Why not come online on 29 January at 4.30pm and talk to our experienced Admissions team who can provide you with advice and guidance.

Live CAO Chat with DIT: 29 January, 4.30pm

Studying for the Leaving Certificate is stressful, and so submitting your CAO application right before the mock exams are due to start is another worry you could probably do without! But never fear the DIT Admissions team is here. Join us for a live chat on Monday, 29 January from 4.30pm and ask us anything you want about applying for the CAO, programmes in DIT and what to expect once you accept an offer in September. In meantime, why not check out this advice from Frank Costello, Head of Enrolment Planning & Admissions about applying for the CAO. 

GO DO BE at DIT - Live online chat, 29 January 2018