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DIT ADGRAD 2018 Primed to Showcase Big Ideas

Posted: 23 May, 2018

The annual opportunity for aspiring advertising executives and creatives to sell themselves ? and kickstart a career selling for others ? is almost upon us.

Preparations for the DIT AdGrad 2018 are well and truly underway, with a fresh twist on the format in store for industry guests come June 7th. No longer a mere pitch, the event is getting an upgrade as ‘The Showcase’ – a veritable feast of research, insight, strategy and creativity.

This time around, three agency teams made up from DIT's MSc in Advertising will present a complete marketing communications campaign for Lynx, as the men’s personal care heavy-hitter enters an exciting new phase. Previous AdGrad briefs have come from such household names as Tayto and Budweiser and worthy charities like Trócaire and Focus Ireland.

The students will take on real-life agency roles to answer a trio of challenges – a deep dive research study, a creative task and a consumer-focused brief. Not only that, the competitive element is being ramped up. The teams are already presenting on their brief responses behind the scenes, battling it out for the chance to take the stage on the day itself. The aim is to ensure that the finest work gets the lion’s share of The Showcase spotlight. As ever, it gives students the opportunity to put theory into practice and really show what they can do.

AdGrad 2018 will serve as the capstone on an intense academic year renowned for setting many of the Irish industry’s most decorated players off on the path to greatness.

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