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This is Photography: 1 - 9 June, DIT Grangegorman

Posted: 30 May, 2018

DIT students in all disciplines are ?makers and doers?, and this is especially true of the 20% of all students in DIT who are studying in the creative and visual arts. As part of this year's Graduate Exhibition, photography students from the School of Media will showcase their work in a variety of styles and subjects.

Wanderley Massafelli explores a Brazilian religion called Umbanda in his video The Children of Oxóssi.

In Deputy, Claire Behan has spent months working directly with Catherine Martin, TD, who is Deputy Leader of the Green Party, spokesperson for education and the acting chairperson of the Women’s Caucus. This project focuses on media representations of women in the Irish political life and shows moments the public would not usually be able to see.

Jamie Brady’s project Siren Call Home is a critique of how the design of Grindr affects users of the platform. The beauty and diversity he encounters among the users of Grindr in real life is in contrast to the compartmentalising and commercialising of the self that the app requires.

Wanderley Massafelli explores a Brazilian religion called Umbanda which was founded in 1908 and is deeply rooted in African culture in his video The Children of Oxóssi. This mixed media work includes an extensive photo book which also represents the practices, beliefs and customs of Umbanda in Ireland.

Manuela Mentel has made a series of black and white self-portraits that also function as a set of movie stills in which she is both the subject and the photographer or cinematographer. Continuing in a tradition of critiquing stereotypical ways of representing women, she inhabits personas inspired by young women in a range of films whose main protagonists strive for freedom and independence.

This Is, the 2018 DIT Graduate Exhibition, launches in DIT Grangegorman on Thursday and opens to the public daily from Friday, 1st June to Saturday, 9th June. This year's BA in Photography students are also exhibiting at the Gallery of Photography in Meeting House Square in Temple Bar until Sunday, 17 June.  

For more on this year's photography graduates: