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This Is: Visual Art (Sherkin Island) - Graduate Exhibition 1-9 June 2018

Posted: 30 May, 2018

The DIT Visual Art programme delivered on Sherkin Island is a truly unique educational offering which has a particular focus on the art maker and their interaction with their place and its people.

Catch Keeley's Salvage will be on show at This Is which opens to the public on 1-9 June 2018

Aine Tierney developed a long-term socially engaged art project with local farmers around the absurdity of agricultural funding bureaucracies. Through a series of workshops, the farmers developed props to perform a public dance at the crossroads in Sherkin.

Catch Keeley’s discovery and cleaning of a lifeboat from the Torrey Canyon, abandoned on Sherkin Island, explores the materiality of discarded objects through archival documentation and the environmental impact of the Anthropocene through a Virtual Reality film viewed on the lifeboat.

Mary Sullivan explores the parallels between domestic and military spaces, through the construction of a full-scale military lookout tower on Sherkin Island.  Framing a series of performative vignettes in film, the work interrogates regimentation and dressage in the performance of gender roles.

This Is launches in DIT Grangegorman on Thursday and opens to the public daily from Friday, 1st June to Saturday, 9th June.  

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