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This Is: Visual Merchandising - Graduate Exhibition 1-9 June 2018

Posted: 31 May, 2018

The only Visual Merchandising & Design Display degree in Ireland prepares graduates for a career as Visual Merchandisers and Display Designers in the Irish and international retail industries. This year's graduates will showcase their work in the DIT Graduate Exhibition which opens to the public from 1 - 9 June.

Karla McMahon, Social Fusion Coloured Tapestry

Visual Merchandising is a crucial element for successful retailing, and this programme plays a vital role in making sure that there is a steady supply of highly qualified graduates. Graduates of this programme demonstrate a mastery of the theory, practical skills and understanding of brand image with consumer behaviour. This year's exhibition will feature work which has been installed in some of the leading retailers throughout Dublin.

Karla McMahon

My window design was based on Social Fusion and was displayed in Arnotts. Social Fusion is a theme based on social occasion and celebration. Dublin is a melting pot of cultures and nationalities. I embraced this through bright colours and bold fabrics. Using shapes and random objects I covered everything in a range of different quirky fabrics. The patterned fabrics and random shapes were a symbol of the different nationalities and social gatherings in Dublin today.

Anna Walker

My window design was based on the Kinship trend for S/S 18. This trend inspired my idea of combining lace and crochet together to create floating shapes. I used vintage, new and handmade crochet and lace in each shape and kept a subtle palette of creams and biscuit tones. In creating a modern style dress, I am giving this window a new age lift, while keeping with the subtle old-fashioned shapes and design of the crochet and lace. While kinship is about freedom and easy living, I feel I have created a contrasting meaning by adding a modern edge.

This Is launches in DIT Grangegorman on Thursday and opens to the public daily from Friday, 1st June to Saturday, 9th June.