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This Is: Creative & Cultural Industries - Graduate Exhibition 1-9 June 2018

Posted: 31 May, 2018

At the very heart of the art world are the creative leaders that produce and manage the cultural and artistic events from musical performances to art shows and exhibitions. The BA in Creative and Cultural Industries prepares students for leadership roles in the art world.

Brave the Shave, a charity event organised by Brian Lyng, a graduate of the BA in Creative and Cultural Industries

Charlotte Kennedy 

My Art Exhibition is my Final Year Cultural Event that I organised, created and managed. It is an option that we have in the final year of Creative and Cultural Industries instead of writing a Thesis. We host our own Cultural Event and create a portfolio, describing the whole management process of the event.

My Cultural Event is called “Mind Your heART”. It is an Art Exhibition showcasing the work of people who have struggled with mental illnesses and are using art as a form of therapy. It is also for people who create art in a relaxed setting to free their mind from the stress of the day. My end goal for this project was to make people more aware of creating art and art therapy as an alternative way to improve your mental wellbeing.

Brian Lyng

Brave The Shave was a charity event in aid of the stem cell treatment of Avannah Walker and The Rapunzel Foundation. The event took place in DIT Aungier Street. The Grafton Barbers were in attendance shaving students heads, and two ponytails were donated to the Rapunzel Foundation where they will be used to make wigs. DIT Photo Society documented the event and captured before and after shots with a photo booth. The DIT DJ Society was also in attendance providing music for the event as well as DIT Makeup Society who provided makeovers for students. Butlers Chocolates were the event's sponsors providing 250 chocolate bars for attendees. A lump sum of €3500 was raised in total through the online gofundme page and sponsorship.

This Is launches in DIT Grangegorman on Thursday and opens to the public daily from Friday, 1st June to Saturday, 9th June. 

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