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Future-proof your career with an MSc in Strategic Management from DIT

Posted: 3 July, 2018

Expertise in strategic management and planning has never been more critical given the turbulent and challenging environments in which Irish businesses now operate.

Brexit, trades wars and GDPR are significant issues affecting business that require leaders with strategic vision to manage.

Technological, economic and regulatory changes mean that businesses need management specialists who can develop long-term strategies that fully anticipate these developments. The MSc in Strategic Management from DIT is an ideal programme of study for busy professionals who wish to develop a deeper understanding of strategy formulation and implementation.

Participants of the programme will study a range of business modules and undertake group and individual assessments to develop the functional competencies, specialist knowledge, research skills, analytical skills, leadership and soft skills necessary for strategic management and leadership.

The course is designed to suit busy, working professional and takes place on Tuesday and Thursday evenings in the convenient city-centre location of DIT Aungier Street. Find out more about the MSc in Strategic Management at DIT here