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College of Sciences and Health Conferring Ceremony 2018

Posted: 19 October, 2018

The first conferring ceremonies for the DIT Class of 2018 have taken place in the striking surroundings of St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

Students from the College of Sciences and Health gather in St. Patricks Cathedral for their graduation ceremony on Saturday, 13 October 2018

On Saturday, 13 October graduates of a wide range of programmes from the College of Sciences and Health were the first to be conferred and spirits were high throughout the day despite the wet, wintry weather outside. Following the presentation of awards, from Higher Certificate to PhD, the graduates and their families were treated to a beautiful musical performance by DIT Conservatory students Susie Gibbons and Clara Booth.

On the day a number of students received their PhD – Dr Caroline Mendes and Dr Garret Rochford from the School of Biological Sciences, Dr Catriona Barrett and Dr Ola Ibrahim from the School of Physics and Clinical and Optometric Science. Finally, Dr Giulianna Vozza from the School of Food Science and Environmental Health and Dr Alan Compelli of the School of Mathematical Sciences were awarded a PhD for their work.  

During his speech congratulating the graduates, President of DIT, Professor Brian Norton encouraged them to stay curious and to share their education with others throughout their working lives.

Graduates from the College of Engineering and Built Environment will be conferred at ceremonies on 20 October, while College of Arts and Tourism events are on 3 November and the College of Business graduation ceremonies takes place on 17 November. Graduates can download photos of the ceremonies on the DIT Graduate Network Facebook page.