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Adults Mathematics and Work: from Research into Practice

Posted: 7 March, 2019

More than 70 TU Dublin staff, friends and family gathered in the Royal Irish Academy, Dawson Street, to celebrate the launch of a book co-authored by Dr John Keogh (Mathematics Lecturer at TU Dublin - City Campus), Terry Maguire (Director of the National Forum) and John O’Donoghue ( University of Limerick).

Emeritus Professor John O'Donoghue (co-author, University of Limerick), Mr Thomas Stone, Principal, Technological University Dublin, Tallaght Campus, Emeritus Professor Diana Coben (University of East Anglia and visiting Professor of Kings College London) , Dr John Keogh (co-author), Dr Theresa Maguire (co-author), Professor David Fitzpatrick (President Technological University Dublin), Mr Thomas Hefferon (CEO, Rayal Energy Limited).

Entitled “Adults Mathematics and Work: from Research into Practice”, the book emerged from doctoral research funded by the Government of Ireland took place in the Department of Humanities. It tackles and explains the curious relationship that many adults have regarding their abilities with mathematics and provides a set of tools to enable the reluctant learner to overcome their mistaken self-perception as a non-maths person and to recognise their frequent use of mathematics as a platform for their future learning. The book was welcomed by Professor David FitzPatrick as an early output of the Technological University Dublin that exemplifies how TU Dublin engages with business, Industry and innovation.