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TU Dublin Summer Innovation Academy For Secondary School Students

Posted: 2 May, 2019

The hugely successful innovation academy, IDEA, returns this summer with host, TU Dublin, currently seeking applications from exceptional secondary school students interested in learning about design and emerging technologies such as 3D printing.

IDEA, supported by Intel Ireland, is a TU Dublin multidisciplinary educational experience developed by the Dublin School of Creative Arts, the School of Mechanical and Design Engineering, TU Dublin Hothouse and TU Dublin Access and Civic Engagement. Taking place on the University’s Grangegorman Campus, it will run from 24-28 June 2019 between 9:30 am and 4:30 pm. 

IDEA aims to inspire the next generation of Designers, Innovators, Change Makers and Entrepreneurs. Over a week, students will be challenged to come up with business, product and social innovation concepts based on new and emerging technologies such as 3D modelling and printing.

The week will begin with studio-based creative workshops, which will challenge students to develop ideas and equip them with the tools to solve real-world design problems. Teams will then progress to prototyping their concept, and classes will include 3D modelling, 3D printing and laser cutting. Communications workshops will introduce the students to film editing software, and each team will create a short film, made on smartphones, that explains their product. Business workshops will focus on entrepreneurship and with students developing an elevator pitch based on their product's unique selling points.

The academy will culminate in an exhibition of prototypes, screening of films and elevator pitches to TU Dublin Hothouse, a representative from Intel as well as other panel members and the public. IDEA will be delivered by TU Dublin lecturing staff, and throughout the week teams will be supported by design students who will help them develop their innovations.

IDEA will appeal to Senior Cycle Secondary School Students, i.e. those in Transition, 5th or 6th Year who enjoy STEAM subjects such as Design, Technology, Engineering, Science, Art and Graphics. More information is available from the Dublin School of Creative Arts website.

The cost is €75 for the week and tickets can be purchased on Event Brite