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TU Dublin and Bannon host prize-giving ceremony for Property Economics Students

Posted: 13 May, 2019

Since 2017, Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin) and Chartered Surveyors and Commercial Property Consultants, Bannon, have collaborated on an Applied Investment and Asset Valuations module for final-year Property Economics students.

Rod Nowlan (Bannon), Tom Dunne (TU Dublin), Kevin O’Rourke (Student), Jane Donnelly (Student), Joseph Lee (student), Aine O’Flaherty (Student), Daniel Marshall (student), Martin Hanratty (TU Dublin) Eloise Heron (TU Dublin) and Emer Byrne (TU Dublin)

In celebration of this partnership and the stellar work of the students involved, a prize-giving ceremony took place in Bolton Street on Wednesday, 1 May. The joint venture link between Paul Doyle and Roderick Nowlan of Bannon and Emer Byrne and Eloise Heron of TU Dublin underpins the appetite for both the university and industry to engage collaboratively around a real-world challenge in the property market.  Speaking on the day Rod Nowlan, Executive director at Bannon outlined “the importance of the industry to engage early with students to help them transition from conceptual learning to actual live case files”.

The module, Applied Investment and Asset Valuations, challenges students to connect what they have learned over four years on the Property Economics degree to solve a real-world Assert Valuation and Investment challenge in the property industry. The students were first asked to carry out an inspection of a city-centre mixed-use commercial property and to prepare a report for the client, HINES, which detailed the Market Value, an asset management plan and an investment appraisal for the property.

Speaking at the prize-giving ceremony, Emer Byrne, Real Estate and Valuations Lecturer in TU Dublin said, “This module allows Property Economics students to use their learning to develop a deeper understanding of the complexities in the property sector. Overall, the standard was very high across all groups, and in particular, the standard of presentations was exceptionally high in every group.”

Continuing Ms Byrne said, “What set the winning group apart from their student colleagues was their rigorous analysis and their consistent approach to their work.”

The winning group were:

  • Áine O'Flaherty
  • Jane Donnelly
  • Joe Lee
  • Kevin O'Rourke
  • Daniel Marshall

A representative from Hines, the client for the project, also congratulated the students and said, "The asset is an interesting one to analyse as there are various moving pieces to be considered. The students did very well with their presentations and the winning group had excellent attention to detail.”

The winning team and Rod Nowlan Bannon

Joseph Lee, Kevin O’Rourke, Aine O’Flaherty, Rod Nowlan (Bannon), Jane Donnelly and Daniel Marshall