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Digital Construction Technologies Group sponsors TU Dublin Student Awards

Posted: 4 June, 2019

Digital Construction Technologies Group, a virtual design and construction consultancy firm generously awarded eight TU Dublin students for the ‘Best presentation on the Multidisciplinary Collaboration Project module of the Postgraduate Diploma in Collaborative BIM stage of the MSc in applied Building Information Modelling & Management’.

DCT Group Awardees with Avril Behan, Assistant Head of School of Multidisciplinary Technologies, Belinda Dillon, Associate Director DCT Group, Emma Hayes and Kevin Furlong, School of Multidisciplinary Technologies

Students were awarded at a CitA Eastern BIM Region event hosted by TU Dublin in Bolton St. on Thursday 30th of May. The meeting was introduced by Kevin Furlong and Emma Hayes from the School of Multidisciplinary Technologies, TU Dublin, with the CitA Eastern BIM Region committee chair Cillian Kelly also present. Belinda Dillon, Associate Director of DCT Group presented each of the students with a certificate of award and a prize kindly sponsored by DCT Group.

The eight awardees are students in year two of the Master of Science Applied Building Information Modelling and Management Programme (DT9876)

Keith Harvey

Adrian Small

Jeffrey Keating

Brendan Joziasse

Brendan Kennedy

Joao Almeida 

Rodion Solomon

John Devery