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Seven steps to securing your student grant

Posted: 2 July, 2019

Starting University should be an exciting time, so make sure you start on the right foot by getting your finances in order and apply for your student grant as soon as possible.

Take note - The priority closing dates for New Applications is Thursday, July 11th.

Applying for your student grant is essential as you will need an application number to register online at TU Dublin. The priority deadline to submit your application to SUSI, Ireland’s student grant-awarding body is Thursday, 11 July. 

Step one: If you are unsure of your eligibility, you can use SUSI’s online eligibility reckoner to find out.

Step two: Apply for your SUSI student grant online and supply your supporting documentation. If you just finished your Leaving Certificate, you won't have received your CAO offer, so in the meantime include the details of your first choice and if it changes you can amend the form later. 

Step three: Take a note of your application number and register for your TU Dublin programme online when registration opens in August.

Step four: Use your tracking number to trace your application approval online, or you can also contact SUSI via Facebook/Twitter or by email at for an update on your grant application.

Step five: If your application is successful, you will receive a letter from SUSI. Check the wording, and the amount indicated, if SUSI has not awarded 100% of the fees, there may be a balance outstanding for which you are now liable.

Step six: SUSI do not liaise with TU Dublin, so it is crucial that you send a copy of your approval letter to the Fees & Grants Section at TU Dublin, they will then apply the grant to your account.

Step seven: Check the TU Dublin Register and Pay system a few days after you submit your letter to ensure your grant has been applied to your account.

Further information on the SUSI process is available at their website