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How much do the classes cost?

These Irish classes are free of charge for the staff and students of TU Dublin.

Where are the classes held?

Classes are offered on various TU Dublin campuses, depending on demand. Contact Gráinne or Siobhán at 01 402 7043 or send an email to if you would like to have an Irish class on your campus. For a full current class timetable, click on the link below.


Do I need to register for classes?

It is important to register early for classes to ensure that there will be a place available for you and registration is free.

How do I register?

Staff can register for the Irish classes here: Staff

Students can register for the Irish classes here: Student

What level would suit me?

Oifig na Gaeilge offer classes at five levels, described in detail below.

Class Levels 

If you are not sure which level would best suit you, contact Gráinne or Siobhán in Oifig na Gaeilge.

How are the classes taught?

A communicative approach to teaching is used in Oifig na Gaeilge's Irish language classes. There will be a strong emphasis on working in pairs and in groups, and students will be encouraged to take an active part in the class. The emphasis will be on useful, everyday language and interesting topics, with grammar being taught as needed. There is no need to purchase a textbook or to do any study on the topics beforehand.